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Huade Hydrogen became a member of the China Urban Fuel Hydrogen Alliance
Release time:2020-10-16 08:50:15

After review and approval by the Alliance Council, Huade Hydrogen Energy became a member unit of the China Urban Gas Hydrogen Energy Development and Innovation Alliance.

On October 16, the China Urban Gas-fired Hydrogen Energy Development Innovation Alliance (referred to as the "China Urban Gas-fired Hydrogen Energy Alliance") was established in Foshan. The alliance is composed of Foran Energy Group Co., Ltd. and China Municipal Engineering North China Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., together with 41 units including relevant government departments, research institutions, societies and industry organizations, and well-known enterprises, aiming to explore innovation in the gas and hydrogen energy industry. development path.

About China Town Hydrogen Alliance

The China Urban Gas Hydrogen Energy Development Innovation Alliance was established on October 16, 2020. The core work of the China Urban Gas Hydrogen Alliance focuses on the development and innovation needs of urban gas-related institutions in the field of hydrogen energy. It promotes resource sharing and mutual benefit among members through a combination of industry, academia, and research, and participates in and promotes the development of hydrogen energy in the gas industry. major principles and policies, coordinate social resources, and enhance the core competitiveness of member groups. Strive for policy and project support from government departments for the development of alliance members; provide industry development suggestions, recommend scientific and technological talents, and reflect opinions and requirements to government departments at all levels.

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