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Huade Hydrogen delivers 5kW hydrogen fuel cell cogeneration system to Europe
Release time:2020-10-27 08:50:15

On October 27, the 5KW hydrogen fuel cell cogeneration system manufactured by Huade Hydrogen Energy was packed and shipped to the port. This is Huade Hydrogens first hydrogen fuel cell cogeneration system exported to Europe. The successful delivery of this system marks the export of domestically produced hydrogen fuel cell cogeneration systems overseas, providing customers with a more economical, environmentally friendly and sustainable Development of technical equipment, products and services.

The export of this system overseas is another milestone event after the second-generation domestic system was finalized in April this year. During this period, the company concentrated its efforts to complete the CE certification of the system, covering multiple directives of LVD, EMC and GAR, which also kicked off Huade's continuous product delivery to customers.

This system can provide 5KW.H of electric energy and 7.5KW.H of heat energy per hour, with a comprehensive efficiency of up to 93.5% and an annual CO2 emission reduction of up to dozens of tons.

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