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Huade Hydrogen HyESS series commercial hydrogen and electricity energy storage system was successfully shipped
Release time:2024-01-25 10:10:15

Recently, Huade Hydrogen Energy delivered the HyESS-C5 commercial hydrogen-electric energy storage system to customers to assist customers in hydrogen-electricity coupling demonstration projects and create a demonstration case of hydrogen energy long-term energy storage based on "power-hydrogen-power (P2G2P)".

The HyESS-C5 commercial hydrogen energy storage system delivered by Huade Hydrogen Energy this time effectively combines PEM hydrogen production, fuel cell cogeneration system and high-pressure hydrogen storage system. It is highly integrated into a standard 20-foot container through a modular design. , easy to transport and install. The system mainly integrates a 5Nm3/h PEM water electrolysis hydrogen production system, a 16*40L hydrogen storage tank, a 5kW PEM hydrogen fuel cell and related supporting equipment.

In addition, the HyESS series of commercial hydrogen and electricity energy storage systems delivered this time also have the following technical features:
(1) Modular design with high integration

The system is divided into three parts: hydrogen production warehouse, hydrogen storage warehouse and fuel-fired power warehouse. When the size of the container remains unchanged, the maximum capacity can be effectively expanded to hydrogen production of 20Nm3/h, fuel cell of 100kW, and hydrogen storage of 20kg (@20MPa).

(2) Integration of independent PEM hydrogen production system
The system is equipped with a PEM electrolyzer, with a hydrogen production dynamic range of 20-120%, a dew point below -75°C, and an average energy consumption of 4.4kWh/Nm3 H2. The company independently completes system design, integration and debugging.

(3) Mature fuel cell combined heat and power system
This system is equipped with the company's most mature CarNeu-5 small pure hydrogen fuel cell cogeneration system. The CarNeu-5 pure hydrogen fuel cell cogeneration system has received great attention from many customers since the product was finalized and launched on the market in 2022, with domestic and foreign orders pouring in. Its high-power derivative models CarNeu-50, CarNeu-70, CarNeu-100, and CarNeu-300 have all been delivered.

(4) Fire and explosion-proof design
The system adopts a large number of explosion-proof safety designs and is divided into hydrogen-related areas and non-hydrogen-related areas. Hydrogen-related areas use explosion-proof electrical components, and non-hydrogen-related areas adopt positive pressure explosion-proof designs. The system is designed with various protections such as hydrogen leak alarm, smoke alarm, over-temperature alarm, and video monitoring.

Figure 3 Fire sprinkler equipment in hydrogen-related areas

Figure 4 Some explosion-proof electrical components in hydrogen-related areas

(5) Integrated smart energy management system
Integrating hydrogen production, charging and fuel cell cogeneration control not only improves the coordination between system modules, but also simplifies the system control structure and reduces costs. In addition, the control system also supports functions such as remote monitoring, remote start and stop, and power adjustment.

With the delivery of the HyESS-C5 commercial hydrogen-electric energy storage system, it is based on the design concept of high integration and high safety requirements of the HyESS series, combined with customers' different hydrogen production needs, fuel cell power generation needs and multiple hydrogen storage technologies. route (including solid-state hydrogen storage, high-pressure hydrogen storage, etc.), the company will start the continuous delivery of multiple HyESS series hydrogen and electricity energy storage systems.

As the world continues to pay more attention to renewable energy and energy storage, hydrogen energy storage has gradually become the focus of attention in various countries, especially in long-term energy storage. According to the company's calculations, for energy storage of more than 8 hours, hydrogen energy storage shows a cost advantage compared to lithium battery energy storage. In China, governments in many places have actively responded to national policies and vigorously supported the diversified development of the hydrogen energy industry, showing unprecedented prosperity. Against this industry background, the delivery of the HyESS-C5 commercial hydrogen and electricity energy storage system marks another breakthrough for Huade Hydrogen Energy in company transformation and technological progress, successfully realizing hydrogen production by natural gas reforming and PEM electrolysis. The strategic goal of "promoting both gray and green" water-based hydrogen production has strengthened its ability to provide customers with flexible and diverse hydrogen energy solutions.
Hydrogen energy has just begun to enter the big stage of energy storage. In the future, the company will continue to invest more research and development efforts to develop more innovative hydrogen energy products and technologies, providing more possibilities for global energy transformation and green development. Fulfill the corporate mission of "hydrogen-electricity coupling, zero-carbon future".

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