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Commercial Long-term Hydrogen Energy Storage Application
Off & On grid hydrogen-electric coupling storage scenario
Commercial hydrogen energy storage systems (HyESS-C series)could couple with solar and wind power systems, to covering a power range of 50kW-1MW, suitable for hotels, commercial residential areas, as well as island power generation, data center backup, and other applications. The system is designed with modularization design, which can match the power according to the actual needs of customers and customize the design according to application scenarios.
Residential Hydrogen Energy Storage Application
  • A seasonal energy storage solution to achieve self-sufficiency for residential scenario
    HyESS-R series residential hydrogen energy storage system can help residential users achieve 100% of the year from their own solar energy system to obtain the function. It is truly energy self-sufficient, even in winter.
    The system uses excess solar power from residential rooftop solar systems to convert water into hydrogen by electrolysis. Users can use hydrogen for long-term storage. On rainy days, the system efficiently converts hydrogen into electricity and heat.
    During daylight hours in summer, the HyESS-R series residential hydrogen energy storage system first stores rooftop solar power in batteries. Excess rooftop solar electricity is converted into hydrogen by electrolyzers and stored for winter use. Even the waste heat generated is stored in hot water tanks, ready for use.
    At night in the summer, users can use battery-stored electricity to power their homes. The heat from the hot water tank can also be used by you.
    At all times during the winter, solar energy is not enough. Seasonal energy storage can ensure that users' homes get the electricity they need. With the help of fuel cells, hydrogen generates electricity while also generating heat to heat the user and reduce heating bills.
Commercial Distributed Hydrogen Power Plant Application
Industrial by-product hydrogen power generation scenario

The nearby use of industrial by-product hydrogen for cogeneration, the CarNeu series can reduce the cost of hydrogen use, thereby saving high storage and transportation costs

The energy cost of industrial enterprises continues to rise. Chemical enterprises have great pressure on energy consumption and carbon reduction. Through the conversion of industrial by-product hydrogen and electric energy heat, the emission of enterprises can be greatly reduced directly

After purification of industrial by-product hydrogen, it can reach the standard of fuel cell use.

Residential Fuel Cell CHP Application
  • For multi-family residential/small business building application scenarios
    In residential fuel cell CHP applications, fuel cells are usually installed in the garage or basement of the building, and the heat generated by the fuel cell can be used for heating and hot water. By using natural gas and hydrogen as fuel, electricity generated by the H2ES and CarNeu series systems can be used for home lighting, air conditioning, televisions, computers, etc., as well as to charge devices such as electric vehicles.The use of fuel cells in residential applications can not only reduce the use of traditional fossil fuels, but also reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and other pollutants, which is very beneficial to environmental protection. At the same time, fuel cells can provide backup power supply for residential use in case of power failure, so as to ensure the normal operation of household appliances.
    Household cogeneration
Data Center Hydrogen Backup Power Application
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