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Huade Hydrogen delivers 300kW pure hydrogen stationary fuel cell power generation system
Release time:2024-01-25 09:56:08

Recently, Huade Hydrogen Energy's CarNeu-300 300kW pure hydrogen stationary fuel cell power generation system completed all factory tests and was loaded and shipped to a domestic comprehensive energy station project.

The 300kW pure hydrogen stationary fuel cell power generation system delivered by Huade Hydrogen Energy is integrated in a 20-foot standard container. The system can quickly respond to load dispatching instructions, output 750V DC power, and charge electric vehicles through charging piles. The system has a rated net output power of 300kW, power generation efficiency 50%, and supports cold start at -30°C low temperature.

The technical features of the 300kW pure hydrogen stationary fuel cell power generation system delivered this time are as follows:

1. Modular design, single module 100kW, can be operated and maintained independently, improving system flexibility

2. Explosion-proof partition design. Explosion-proof walls are set up in the electronic control area and the fuel-fired power area. Hydrogen-related parts and non-hydrogen-related parts adopt explosion-proof and explosion-proof designs respectively.

3. The system has a complete automated fire protection system and intelligent control system, which can be unattended, remotely detected and controlled remotely.

The CarNeu series pure hydrogen fuel cell cogeneration system/stationary power generation system has always been the main product series of Huade Hydrogen Energy. Since its launch in 2022, it has been delivered to multiple projects at home and abroad, and has received unanimous praise from customers. Huade Hydrogen Energy has always been committed to providing efficient and environmentally friendly energy solutions. The CarNeu series of pure hydrogen fuel cell systems are based on this concept and aim to provide users around the world with a cleaner and more reliable energy choice. The core advantage of the system lies in its high efficiency and low emissions, which can convert hydrogen energy into electricity and heat to meet various energy needs. Typical application scenarios are shown in the figure below.

Huade Hydrogen Energy has focused on the development of fuel cells in the energy field since its establishment, providing users with innovative, low-carbon power and heating solutions. The successful delivery of CarNeu-300 marks that Huade Hydrogen Energy has mastered the multi-module fuel cell parallel connection technology and has the design, development and delivery capabilities of MW-level fuel cell cogeneration/stationary power generation systems. In the future, with the continuous development of hydrogen energy technology, the company will relentlessly invest in research and development, actively develop more creative hydrogen energy products and technologies, and open up unlimited possibilities for the future of global energy. The company will firmly implement the corporate mission of "hydrogen-electricity coupling, zero-carbon future", use the powerful power of science and technology to promote the development of green energy, and contribute to building a sustainable future energy system.

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