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5kW natural gas reformed fuel cell cogeneration system
The H2ES-5 cogeneration (CHP) device consumes natural gas and simultaneously generates electricity and heat. Consuming 1.5Nm3/h of natural gas, it can simultaneously output 7.5kW of heat and 5kW of power. The comprehensive efficiency is as high as 93.5%, which can reduce carbon emissions by 30%. It is an efficient solution to reduce energy costs and carbon footprint. The generated electricity can be used on-site to supply a series of electrical appliances, and any excess electricity can be output to the power grid. The heat generated can be used to produce hot water.
Product Advantages
  • Low dependency
    Anxiety without hydrogen source
    On site hydrogen production from urban natural gas
    Hydrogen is ready to use and not stored
  • High efficiency and low emissions
    Electrical efficiency> 35%
    Thermal and electrical comprehensive efficiency> 90%
    No nitrogen oxide or sulfide emissions
  • Convenient installation
    Can be installed in boiler installation scenarios
    Plug and Play
    No need for large-scale modifications to the on-site environment
  • High stability
    The only CE certified product in China
    The first domestic product to be exported
    24/7 continuous operation, unaffected by weather
Product parameters
Available Fuel

Natural gas (urban gas)

Supply of hot water

300 kg/h*

Rated electrical power


fuel consumption


Rated thermal power


Power quality

380 vacuum

Total efficiency


Carbon reduction


Electrical efficiency


Authentication type


Temperature of external hot water supply


The above parameters are based on a temperature difference of 20 ° C
Product Principle
Installation diagram
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