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The commercial medium to large hydrogen energy storage system is matched with commercial photovoltaic systems, covering a power range of 50kW-1MW, suitable for hotel commercial residential areas, as well as island power generation, data center backup and other applications. The system is designed with skidding and modularization, which can match the power according to the actual needs of customers and customize the design according to application scenarios.
Product Technology

Integrated EMS

The system integrates hydrogen production, charging and fuel cell cogeneration control. It not only improves the cooperation between the system modules, but also simplifies the system control structure and reduces the cost. In addition, the control system also supports remote monitoring, remote start and stop and power regulation.

Highly integrated modular design

The system is divided into three parts: hydrogen production bin, hydrogen storage bin and fuel cell & EMS bin.

High level of explosion-proof design

The system adopts explosion-proof safety design, which is divided into hydrogen-related areas and non-hydrogen-related areas. Explosion-proof electrical components are used in hydrogen-related areas, and positive pressure explosion-proof design is adopted in non-hydrogen-related areas. Hydrogen leakage alarm, smoke alarm, overtemperature alarm, video monitoring and other protection are designed in the system.

Cold start design

The system designed a cold start unit, which can achieve -20℃ fast start. This improves the adaptability of the product to be used in cold areas such as the north.

Product Principle

Hydrogen generating condition

Fuel cell operation condition

Product advantages
  • low consumption
    Energy storage on the power generation side and peak shaving and valley filling on the power grid side“
    The issue of improving the consumption of renewable energy
  • Improve utilization
    Flatten the volatility, timeliness, and seasonality of renewable energy Greatly improving its utilization rate
  • Reduce distribution costs
    Reduce the cost of grid installation and transmission and distribution in remote areas
  • Zero emissions
    Zero carbon emissions throughout the entire process
    Byproduct heat can solve users' heating problems
Product parameters





Rated Hydrogen Production




Rated DC Consumption

<5kWh/Nm3 H2

Fuel cell module

Rated Electrical Power


Rated Thermal Power

40kW - 900kW

Output Hot-water Temperature

60℃~ max.65℃

Hydrogen storage

Hydrogen Storage Capacity

Custom Designed

Hydrogen Storage Type

20 MPa Cylinder / Hydrogen Tank/ Hydrogen Vessel


Power quality

380VAC, 3P




off/ on Grid Connection Optional

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