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Huade Hydrogen Energy launched cutting-edge energy storage solutions at the Intersolar Europe 2024
Release time:2024-07-02 08:55:25

From June 19 to 21, 2024, the Munich New International Exhibition Center in Germany welcomed the world's most anticipated solar photovoltaic exhibition - Intersolar 2024. Intersolar is the world's largest and most influential solar professional trade fair, gathering almost all well-known companies in the industry. Huade Hydrogen Energy launched a leading-edge household ultimate energy storage product at the exhibition - a small hydrogen-electric energy storage integrated system, demonstrating the company's innovation and technical strength in the field of hydrogen energy storage.

On the day of the exhibition, the warm atmosphere on site completely exceeded expectations. The company's advanced products, concepts and technologies attracted a number of industry experts and customers to stop and discuss new solutions for household energy storage. As a green energy storage solution provider with a global and future-oriented perspective, Huade has become one of the focuses of this exhibition!

We showed our customers the company's main product lines: PEM fuel cell stationary power generation/cogeneration system, PEM hydrogen production system, and hydrogen production and storage fuel cell integrated system. With the support of completed projects at home and abroad and mature operation data, the company's various product series have been unanimously recognized by customers.

It is particularly worth mentioning the household hydrogen-electric energy storage integrated system released at the exhibition. The company started the research and development of this product in 2023, successfully completed the full process testing and verification of the first generation of products in the second quarter of 2024, signed a small batch order and made a wonderful appearance at Intersolar2024. After the exhibition, three devices will be installed and operated at different customer sites in Germany. As a supplement to solar power generation and battery energy storage, the system has greatly improved the self-use rate of solar energy and can effectively achieve year-round energy independence for household users. For this reason, there is an endless stream of customers seeking cooperation!

This exhibition provides the company with a valuable opportunity to discuss development and cooperation with industry experts, partners and customers. In the future, the company will continue to be committed to product and technology innovation, promote the market development of hydrogen energy storage products, adhere to the company's corporate value officer of "hydrogen-electric coupling, zero-carbon future", and further assist and promote the transformation of the global energy structure!

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