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New product delivery | Huade Hydrogen Energy delivers household hydrogen-electric energy storage system HyESS-R to European customers
Release time:2024-05-30 09:08:07

Recently, the new series of HyESS-R products independently developed by Huade Hydrogen Energy have completed all the testing and verification work and were packed and shipped to Munich, Germany.The system will first be launched at the world's largest photovoltaic and energy storage exhibition in June, and then it will be delivered to customers and installed this summer,so that it will continue to operate until the end of the year, completing the first cross-season long-cycle energy storage cycle verification.

HyESS-R product and packaging photos

HyESS-R is mainly aimed at the household hydrogen energy storage market. The system is designed as an indoor and outdoor dual system.The main functions of the indoor unit are hydrogen production and power generation, and the main function of the outdoor unit is hydrogen storage.The indoor unit consists of four modules, namely fuel cell (10KW), hydrogen production (0.5 standard cubic meters/hour), battery pack (23kWh) and energy management module.The outdoor part consists of a hydrogen compressor and a hydrogen cylinder container, and one container contains 16 hydrogen cylinders.It can store about 320kWh of electricity and 270kWh of heat energy. It can be expanded to up to five groups.

Indoor module related parameters and descriptions

Outdoor module related parameters and description

In the application scenario of independent houses, in conjunction with the existing solar power generation system, the HyESS-R system can meet the user's household energy storage needs in different seasons throughout the year. In the charging mode, the user's pre-installed solar power system first fills the battery module, and the excess electricity is converted into hydrogen through the water electrolysis hydrogen production module and stored in the outdoor hydrogen storage module. When the battery power is gradually exhausted, the fuel cell will start working, and the fuel cell will convert the stored hydrogen into electricity to charge the battery, and generate heat energy for home use. Especially in winter when sunlight is relatively weak and heating demand is strong.

HyESS-R system application scenario diagram

HyESS-R system advantages and technical features

HyESS-R has successfully won the high favor of many foreign customers with its unique all-year-round and cross-season energy storage system design. From June 19 to 21, 2024, the German Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition will be held at the New International Exhibition Center in Munich, Germany. HyESS-R will also be on display at our booth during the same period. We look forward to meeting you at the exhibition site!

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