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Huade Hydrogen Energy completed the development of 100kW hydrogen fuel cell cogeneration system
Release time:2023-08-10 21:38:41

Recently, the 100KW hydrogen fuel cell cogeneration system CARNEU-100 jointly developed by Jiangsu Huade Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and Jingneng Technology Yangtze River Delta Branch has completed commissioning, and the operating data has been synchronized to the Jingneng Technology Yangtze River Delta Branch. The smart energy management platform successfully achieved full load operation.

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This system is the first 100-kilowatt fuel cell combined heat and power system developed by the company. Different from the low-power household models that the company has always promoted, this model is aimed at industrial and commercial combined heat and power and hydrogen energy storage scenarios, and has greater power generation and heating capabilities. A single CARNEU-100 system has a maximum electrical power of 100KW, a thermal power of 95KW, and can provide 4 tons of hot water per hour under a return water temperature difference of 20 degrees. The overall efficiency can reach 90%.

The modular design facilitates rapid parallel connection to realize megawatt-level systems and adapts to larger user needs. It is an important product for the company to realize the "hydrogen-electricity coupling" strategy.

Accompanied the leaders of Jingneng Technology to visit the workshop and inspect the fuel cell cogeneration system.

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