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Residential Hydrogen-electricity Storage System

HyESS -R, the residential hydrogen-electricity storage system, efficiently stores excess solar power as hydrogen, and providing a low-cost, year-round solution for long-term household energy storage. The stored hydrogen produces electricity and heat at same time, which can be utilized by the user for their purposes.


Personal independente energy transformation

HyESS-R is installed in single-family houses, with the existing battery & inverter, the system providing you with carbon dioxide-free electricity 24/7 all year round. The power comes solely from the sun, which is absorbed through photovoltaic modules on the roof. Your solar energy can be utilized as green hydrogen throughout the year. This system enables personal energy transformation, making you less susceptible to the effects of rising electricity prices and even power outages, granting you maximum independence. With this system, you can enjoy a sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle. It not only reduces your carbon footprint but also gives you greater control over your energy usage and costs. Embracing HyESS-R means taking a step towards a more eco-friendly and cost-effective future.

System advantage & technical characteristics

During the summer daytime, rooftop solar energy will be stored in existing batteries. Excess rooftop solar power is converted to hydrogen through an electrolyzer in HyESS-R and stored for winter use. Even the waste heat generated is stored in the hot water tank and is readily available for use. On summer nights, customers can still power their homes using electricity stored in existing batteries.
At any time in the winter, solar energy is not enough. The seasonal hydrogen storage module in the HyESS-R system ensures that users' homes get the electricity they need. With the help of fuel cells in the system, the stored hydrogen will be used to generate electricity. It also heats users' homes and reduces their heating bills.

The hydrogen energy conversion modules are installed indoors

Fuel Cell Module

10 KW PEM Stack
Air System
Hydrogen System
Water System

EMS Module

Energy management
(Final electrical output depends on clients existing battery & inverters)

Hydrogen Generator Module

0.5Nm3/ h Electrolyzer
Cooling System
Purification System

The hydrogen storage and compressor modules are installed outdoors

Outdoor unit

320kWh Electricty / 270kWh Heating Storage

Integrated compressor 30MPa Cylinders x 16

Outdoor unit (EXTRA Extend)

1600kWh Electricty / 1350kWh Heating Storage

Integrated compressor 30MPa Cylinders x 90

System advantage & technical characteristics


with existing battery & inverter system to expand cross-season storage function


the surplus PV power from summer to winter


the energy storage capacity with the price less than 1/2 of battery system


the solar energy to traditional heating power

Integrated EMS

The system integrates hydrogen production, charging and fuel cell cogeneration control. It not only improves the cooperation between the system modules, but also simplifies the system control structure and reduces the cost. In addition, the control system also supports remote monitoring, remote start and stop and power regulation.

Highly integrated modular design

The system is divided into three parts: hydrogen production bin, hydrogen storage bin and fuel cell & EMS bin.

High level of explosion-proof design

The system adopts explosion-proof safety design, which is divided into hydrogen-related areas and non-hydrogen-related areas. Explosion-proof electrical components are used in hydrogen-related areas, and positive pressure explosion-proof design is adopted in non-hydrogen-related areas. Hydrogen leakage alarm, smoke alarm, overtemperature alarm, video monitoring and other protection are designed in the system.

Cold start design

The system designed a cold start unit, which can achieve -20℃ fast start. This improves the adaptability of the product to be used in cold areas such as the north.

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