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Customized Pure Hydrogen Industrial Fuel Cell Solution
CarNeu-Solution is a pure hydrogen fuel cell power generation solution that consumes 99.97% pure hydrogen. This solution produces zero emissions of energy. If thermal energy is still required, the thermal management system can also be customized (greater than 500kW). CarNeu-Solution design output power can be customized according to customer requirements. The system can be operated under both grid-connected and off-grid operating conditions. The solution is suitable for installation near chemical plants with sufficient hydrogen as a by-product. In this way, the operation of the equipment does not need to be refueled by transporting hydrogen over long distances. High hydrogen storage and transportation costs can be saved. This helps chemical plants save significant energy costs and reduce carbon emissions. It is also suitable for use with hydrogen production systems by water electrolysis to provide constant power and heat.
Product advantage
  • COMPLETELY Environmental protection
  • power efficiency up to 46%
  • Stable cross-season power supply
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