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PEM pure water electrolysis hydrogen production system
PEM pure water electrolysis hydrogen production system
PEM pure water electrolysis hydrogen production system produces hydrogen with a purity of 99.999%. The rated hydrogen production capacity is from 5Nm³/h to 50Nm³/h. The outlet pressure of the system is 0 to 3bar, and the system adopts explosion-proof valve bank and modular design, which can be coupled with the fuel cell power generation unit or can be used independently.

This PEM pure water hydrogen production system is composed of three parts:

1-Main equipment: electrolyzer, separation equipment , purification equipment

2-Electric control equipment: rectifier cabinet, control cabinet, transformer, etc

3-3- Auxiliary equipment: water tank and water pump

Product Features
  • High production capacity: the rated hydrogen production capacity is 50Nm³/h
  • High adaptablity: supporting 5%-100% wide power working range, adapt to renewable energy fluctuations and intermittency.
  • Easy for installation: container design, Small landed area, light weight
  • Intelligent: online switching and voltage inspection function to improve operation and maintenance efficiency and hydrogen production
  • High safety: The four-in-one safety design of prevention, protection, elimination and discharge ensures the safety of the system in an all-round way
Product Parameter

Item No





Hydrogen Output

5 Nm3/h

10 Nm3/h

20 Nm3/h

50 Nm3/h

Water Consumptio

5 L/h

9 L/h

16 L/h

40 L/h

Water Quality

<0.1 μs/cm

Operation Range


Load Time

<30 s

Rated Current

250 A

510 A

950 A

2242 A

Voltage Range

55~120 V

86~120 V

90~125 V

97~135 V

Power Consumption

(DC Side)

≤ 4.5 kW·h/m3

Electrolytic Efficiency


Operating Temperature


Operating Pressure


Purification Method


Hydrogen purity

(after purification)


Oxygen Content


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