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Huade Hydrogen Energy completed the R&D and delivered the PEM pure water electrolysis hydrogen production system
Release time:2023-12-18 09:59:58

Recently, Huade Hydrogen Energy Technologys proton exchange membrane (hereinafter referred to as PEM) pure water electrolysis hydrogen production system has been successfully developed and will be delivered to a domestic photovoltaic-water electrolysis hydrogen production-hydrogenation-power generation-heating integrated project. The physical diagram of the system is shown in Figure 1.

The PEM pure water electrolysis hydrogen production system delivered by Huade Hydrogen Energy has a hydrogen production capacity of 5NM3/H, a hydrogen production dynamic range of 20-120%, a dew point below -75°C, and an average energy consumption of 4.4KWH/NM3 H2. The entire system is independently designed, integrated and debugged by the company, and has in-depth cooperation with leading domestic electrolyzer suppliers.

Huade Hydrogen Energy has always focused on the development of fuel cells in the energy field, providing users with innovative, low-carbon power and heating solutions. Whether it is the previous H2ES series natural gas reforming fuel cell combined heat and power system or the CARNEU series pure hydrogen fuel cell combined heat and power system, the company will solve the hydrogen source problem for users, as fuel cell power generation and heating systems can An important prerequisite for large-scale promotion. Therefore, at the beginning of 2023, the company started the research and development work on the PEM pure water electrolysis hydrogen production system and successfully completed it. In the future, the company will continue to invest a lot of R&D resources to extend the system to specifications of 10NM3, 20NM3, and 50NM3, thus fully covering the user needs of small PEM pure water electrolysis hydrogen production systems.

This time, the PEM pure water electrolysis hydrogen production system was successfully developed, which not only enriched the company's product line to meet the diverse needs of customers, but also greatly improved the company's integrated hydrogen energy solutions for hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, and combustion and electricity. autonomous ability. Combining the previously mature small-scale natural gas reforming hydrogen production technology and fixed long-life low-voltage PEM stack technology, the company has basically completed the establishment of basic technologies for the entire hydrogen and electricity energy storage sector. In the future, the company will adhere to the principle of openness and inclusiveness and welcome cost-effective and efficient electrolyzer manufacturers to cooperate with us to jointly develop the hydrogen energy storage market. As the country continues to pay more attention to renewable energy and energy storage, governments in many places have actively responded to national policies and vigorously supported the diversified development of the hydrogen energy industry. The hydrogen energy industry has shown unprecedented prosperity. Against this industry background, Huade Hydrogen Energy will also launch the HYESS commercial hydrogen and electricity energy storage system in the near future. The HYESS series system will be designed with high integration and high safety requirements, combined with customers' different hydrogen production needs, fuel cell power generation needs and multiple hydrogen storage technology routes (including solid-state hydrogen storage, high-pressure hydrogen storage, etc.) to provide customers with Provide one-stop hydrogen and electricity energy storage solutions.

Hydrogen energy, a rising star that has just entered the field of energy storage, is using its unlimited power of innovation and technological charm to chart a new future for global energy transformation and green development. Huade Hydrogen Energy will continue to invest more in research and development to develop more innovative hydrogen energy products and technologies, providing richer possibilities for the global energy future. We will actively implement the corporate mission of "hydrogen-electricity coupling, zero-carbon future", promote the development of green energy with the power of science and technology, and contribute to building a sustainable future energy system.

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