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[Embracing Green Hydrogen] Pure hydrogen fuel cell cogeneration solution is here
Release time:2022-12-20 21:38:03

Recently, Huade Hydrogen Energy Technology’s pure hydrogen fuel cell cogeneration system CARNEU-5 was successfully developed and will be delivered to a photovoltaic-water electrolysis hydrogen production-hydrogenation-power generation-heating integrated project in northwest China. The actual product picture is shown in Figure 1.

CARNEU-5 physical appearance picture

CARNEU-5 system is a hydrogen fuel cell cogeneration equipment. The product reacts hydrogen and air to generate direct current through electrochemical reaction, which is further inverted into alternating current through the power electronic system and sent to the power grid for users to use. The waste heat generated by the product operation is recovered and supplied to users in the form of hot water. The entire system generates power of 5000W, adopts 380V three-phase AC grid connection, and can output 50-60℃ hot water. The thermal power is >4500W. The rated net power generation efficiency of the whole system and process is >47%, and the maximum net power generation efficiency is >53%. The system adopts a classic appearance design. Compared with the H2ES series products with a reforming system, the volume is reduced by nearly half.

CARNEU-5 pure hydrogen fuel cell combined heat and power system follows the GB/T 27748 series of standards and is designed and adopts the following technologies:

Special stack for low voltage power generation

The CARNEU-5 system uses a low-voltage and low-temperature proton exchange membrane stack independently developed by Huade Hydrogen Energy. Different from the automotive fuel cell stack, this stack uses an enhanced proton exchange membrane and a capacity-optimized membrane electrode, which effectively reduces the degradation rate of the membrane and the loss rate of the catalyst, greatly extending the service life of the stack and meeting the requirements Life requirements for long-term power generation conditions. Moreover, the catalyst of the membrane electrode adopts an anti-CO poisoning design, which can withstand the impact of CO poisoning of 0-10PPM for a long time, and the voltage is stable, which improves the redundancy of the system under power generation conditions. In addition, this type of stack can also operate in mixed gas mode, such as a 75% hydrogen and 25% carbon dioxide mixture.

Micro flow hydrogen circulation process

The CARNEU-5 system integrates a hydrogen circulation device specially developed for micro-flow hydrogen circulation. The optimized circulation algorithm effectively improves the utilization of hydrogen (avoiding dangerous direct discharge or direct discharge after oxidation) and improves power generation efficiency. The circulation device adopts a low-power design, which also effectively reduces the impact on the net power generation and efficiency of the system. The measured maximum power generation efficiency can reach 53.7%, and the total system efficiency is >90%.

High security design

The CARNEU-5 system adopts safety PLC control and designs multiple complete safety chains. It integrates multiple hydrogen detectors and smoke detectors inside the fuel cell and in the external environment, and sets multiple safety response functions in the program. When abnormal working conditions such as over-temperature, over-pressure, or low pressure occur within the system, or when leaks, fires, and other abnormalities occur outside the system, the system will issue an early warning and automatically shut down when necessary to ensure safe system operation. In addition, the stack system adopts a low-voltage design, and the operating pressure of the stack is only 8-14KPA, which reduces the pressure of the pipeline and stack, greatly improves the safety of the stack, and minimizes the risk of hydrogen leakage.

Cold start design

The CARNEU-5 system is designed with a cold start unit, which can achieve quick start at -20°C, improving the product's adaptability for use in cold areas such as the north.

Modular design

The CARNEU-5 system adopts a modular design concept. The overall modular system consists of four modules: fuel cell module, control module, power electronics module and thermal management module, which can easily realize parallel operation of multiple machines. The whole system is designed to be compact, simple and easy to maintain. The system is easy to install, has no special requirements for the installation environment, and can be plug-and-play. In addition, the chassis adopts a sealed design, and the entire box has a slight negative pressure. It can be installed in closed environments such as basements, making it safe and stable.

Touch screen operation

The company has always focused on household fuel cell combined heat and power systems integrating natural gas reforming hydrogen production modules, fully considering the difficulty of obtaining hydrogen sources in distributed scenarios, and providing users with on-site hydrogen production and hydrogen consumption. Integrated solution (H2ES series products). The pure hydrogen product delivered this time is the company’s first attempt to transform from gray hydrogen to green hydrogen. The successful development of CARNEU-5, the first pure hydrogen fuel cell cogeneration system, further strengthens the company's integration of modular low-power fuel cell cogeneration systems, high-performance low-voltage power generation stacks and distributed energy management systems. Independent control of core technologies.

In the next step, the company will continue to adhere to the two-legged strategy of gray hydrogen and green hydrogen, and flexibly and conveniently provide customers with hydrogen energy storage, hydrogen power generation and hydrogen cogeneration system solutions with high scene adaptability.

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