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For Industrial Plants / Big Commercial Buildings /  Residential Communities
CarNeu series fuel cell CHP systems use the pure hydrogen as the main fuel. Through the high efficiency electrochemical reaction and waste heat recovery, the system provides sufficient energy and thermal energy solutions for large industrial and commercial buildings such as factories, residential areas and docks.
The system can be flexibly adjusted according to the required capacity, and the output power range is from 20kW to MW. The system outside use of a skid-mounted box.  System BOP, grid-connected equipment and heating equipment are installed inside the system.  

1. Coupled with Industrial by-product hydrogen solution:

The use of industrial byproduct hydrogen for co-generation can reduce the cost of hydrogen source in space, save the high cost of hydrogen boost storage and transportation, and reduce the emission and energy cost of enterprises by reasonable application of industrial byproduct hydrogen at a low price.

2. Coupled With nenewable energy hydrogen production solution:

By means of hydrogen storage and combined heat and power supply, the defects of solar and wind power generation in aging and stability can be well compensated. Expand the application scenarios of renewable energy over time.





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