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Project place: Beijing Daxing Hydrogen Energy Demonstration Park
Project applied product: 5KW natural-gas-reformed fuel cell CHP system(H2ES-5)
Project working description:
  • Power: output 5kw power is used to power the air conditioner and the extra power is fed to the grid 
  •  Heat: output 7.5kw heat is absorbed by radiator systems.
Project value:
This demonstration project sets a precedent for the fuel cell CHP system      to improve its visibility and recognition. It reflects the differentiation and        diversification of hydrogen fuel cell terminal application fields.
Project place: Jiangsu Science and Technology University
Project applied product: 5kw natural-gas-reformed fuel cell CHP                    system(H2ES-5)
Product working description:
  • Power: output 5kw power is used to power the pubilc bathroom's electric appliances
  • Heat: output 7.5kw heat, coupled with gas-fired bolier, to supply hot water to the bathroom
Project value:
It is the first time that the small commercial hydrogen fuel cell CHP system has been applied in the actual commercial scene in China. This project demonstrates the commercial prospects and market value of fuel cell system in practical application scenarios. It is an exploration of  the business model, and has a certain bench marking role in fuel               cell industry.    
Project place: Northwest of China

Project applied product: 5kw pure hydrogen fuel cell CHP system(CarNeu-5)

Product working description:
  • Power: output 5kW power is coupled with PV project and make a long-term energy storage
Project value:
Coupling photovoltaic projects to achieve long-term energy storage and zero carbon emissions
Project place: Zhangjiagang City Huaxia Science & Technology Park
Project applied product: 100kW pure fuel cell power system
Project working description:
  • Power: output 100kw power fed to the grid 
Project value:
The long-term operation data verifies the power generation efficiency of the pure hydrogen fuel cell system and provides reference data for the operation of other projects





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