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For Multi-family Houses / SME Commercial Buildings
H2ES series natural-gas-reformed fuel cell CHP system is suitable for provides electrical and heating power for muiti-family houses and small commercial buildings, such as apartments, schools, hospitals, etc. It can be coupled with the original heating system, such as a natural gas peak-load boiler. The peak- load boiler is used to respond to rapid load changes on the user side. This product is used to maintain heat under stable conditions.
Product H2ES-5 has a capacity of 5 kW electric power, and it can also produce up to 7.5 kW thermal energy in the form of hot water. This product integrates a hydrogen production unit by reforming the natural gas which solves the problem of hydrogen source in cities.H2ES-5 learns the quantities and patterns of electricity and hot water, and predicts the energy usage patterns and habits of each scenario.  The system automatically generates electricity and produces the required hot water for heating, thus saving the most energy.  Here is an example in the picture.  Energy usage time varies with the season and with the use of electricity and hot water in the scene.  

The standard installation is as follows:

  CHP system is connected with natural gas pipeline
  Electricity generated is fed into the grid
  Thermal energy is produced in the form of warm water and stored in a water tank
  Warm water within water tank is fed into the radiator or bath pipelines to meet the requirement of heat





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