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Mini Biogas Unit CHP System

This product is a 2in1 integrated hydrogen solution, integrating a natural gas/biogas reforming based hydrogen producer(5Nm3/h hydrogen production) and a hydrogen fuel cell system (5kW electric power output and 7.5kW thermal power output). It is a low carbon-emmission power generator as well as a good heater. That is combined heat and power (CHP) system.
Applicable scenarios:
  •  Multi-family houses
  •  Apartments
  •  Hotels
  •  Restarants
  • swimming pools
  • H2ES-5

Overall Introduction

HuaDe Hydrogen's H2ES-5 product is a 2in1 equipment which is highly integrated with a natural gas reforming based hydrogen producer and a fuel cell system of 5kW electric power output. 

The principle is to react natural gas(CH4) with water(H2O) to produce hydrogen H2, which then enters the fuel cell system to react with Oxygen(O2) to produce electricity. During the electrochemical reaction, much heat is produced. The heat is collected and stored in the form of hot water. Hot water can be used directly for domestic use or as a source of heating water for floor heating/radiators.

Product Features:

1. Long service life

The fuel cell stack inside H2ES-5 is different from the fuel cell stack for vehicles. This stack adopts enhanced proton exchange membrane and load-optimized membrane electrode, which effectively reduces the degradation rate of membrane and the loss rate of catalyst, and greatly prolongs the service life of the reactor. The service life of H2ES-5 can reach 40,000 + hours.

2. High security design

H2ES-5 adopts PLC control. The internal and external are integrated with a number of hydrogen detectors and smoke detectors, and set a number of safety corresponding functions in the program. When the product internal over-temperature, over-pressure, low pressure and other conditions or external leakage, fire and other abnormal conditions, the system will alarm. When necessary, it will stop to ensure the safety of the system operation.

3. Convenient operation

H2ES-5 adopts Intelligent control design. one key can start, shut down and emergency stop. It has a touch screen. Users can check the temperature and pressure of the system at any time. And users can according to their own needs to the system's output power for 24h time-sharing Settings, support curve power adjustment mode.

Product Parameters


Natural Gas, Biogas

Output electrical power (Pel)


Output thermal power (Pth)


Total efficiency


Electrical efficiency


Output hot-water temp.

Max. 50℃/70℃

Maximum flow of hot-water

300 kg/h

Based on the temperature difference at 20℃

Fuel consumption


Output Power Quality

380VAC, three-phase

Carbon Emission reduction




*Here biogas means purified biogas. The gas composition CH4 >93%,CO2<2%,C2H6<5%,C3H6<0.5%,and other high alkane gases <0.5%. If you are not sure if your fuel gas is supported or not, please tell us your gas composition. We will evaluate and give you feedback.

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