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Honour | HuaDe Hydrogen won the "Jiangsu Private Science & Technology Enterprise" Title

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Recently, government of Jiangsu Province announced the list of the third batch of private technology enterprises in 2022. HuaDe Hydrogen was successfully selected and awarded the title of "Jiangsu Private Science & Technology Enterprise".

Jiangsu Private Science & Technology Enterprise

"Jiangsu Private Science & Technology Enterprise" refers to the non-state holding private enterprises registered in accordance with the law within the High-tech Fields supported by the State and relying on a certain number of scientific and technological personnel to continuously conduct research and development and transform technological achievements, form the core independent intellectual property rights of enterprises, and carry out continuous production and operation activities on this basis. The qualification evaluation shall be conducted from the total assets of the enterprise, research direction, innovation ability, product strategy, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, independent intellectual property rights and other aspects.

Company Gate

Company Gate

Company Workshop

Company Workshop

Since its establishment, HuaDe Hydrogen has been focusing on the research and development, production and sales of fuel cell CHP / cogeneration systems. The award of "Jiangsu Private Science & Technology Enterprise" is the affirmation and recognition of the technology, products, services and growth ability of HuaDe Hydrogen over the years. Huade Hydrogen will continue to adhere to the scientific and technological innovation as the driving force to promote the development and progress of hydrogen energy and hydrogen fuel cell industry!





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