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7.5kW Heat + 5KW Power Natural Gas Hydrogen Fuel Cell Heating System For Home

  • High energy conversion efficiency: Up to 40% electric efficiency and up to 93.5% overall efficiency, much higher than other types of power generation technologies nor CHP technologies
  • Saving electricity bills: It generates 5KWh electricity per hour which can save much electricity bills.
  • Flexible load regulation and combination: support 50%-100% modulation and can be combined with other energy technologies such as gas boiler, solar panels, etc
  • Low Noise: Considering installed in residential areas, it is very quiet when running.
  • Long maintenance intervals and long lifetime: the equipment is designed for 40000h lifetime and the maintenance interval is 20000h
  • H2ES-5


H2ES-5 combined heat and power (CHP) unit consumes natural gas and generates electricity and useful heat simultaneously. With consumption of 1.5Nm3/h of natural gas, it can output 7.5kW heat and 5kW power at the same time. The overall efficiency is up to 93.5% and  can reduce carbon emmission by 30%.  It is a highly efficient solution to reducing energy bills and cutting carbon footprint. The produced electricity can be used on-site to power a range of appliances, while any excess electricity can be exported to the grid. The generated heat can be used to produce hot water.

It is ideal for residential and small business buidlings, such as multi-family houses, villas, apartments, hotels, resorts, office buildings, etc.

H2ES-5 is composed of 5 parts:

reformer module, fuel cell stack module, electrical control module, multifunctional terminal and the base frame.

5KW fuel cell chp ssytem composition

Technical Parameters

Items Parameters Remarks
Model No. H2ES-5
Fuel Natural Gas, LPG, Biogas
Fuel consumption <1.5Nm3/h
Rated Output Power 5kW can be adjusted to be 2.5KW
Rated Output Heat 7.5kW can be adjusted to be 3.75kw
Total efficiency 85%-93.5%
Electrical efficiency 35%-40%
Output Power Voltage 380VAC, three-phase or 110V AC, single-phase or custom design
Output hot-water temperature Max. 50ºC/70ºC
Output hot-water flow 300 kg/h based on the water temperature difference at 10℃
Certificates CE-LVD/CE-EMC/CE-GAR
Dimensions(L*W*H) 0.75*1.23*1.63m
Weight Approx 600Kg
Warranty 1 year (free) or 10 years (optional)

What are the installation requirements?

When installing H2ES-5 fuel cell CHP system, you will need an natural gas connection as well as an extra flue pipe for the system. 

Notice: the existing flue pipe which discharges the exhaust gases of your condensing boiler can't be used.

In addition, the installation room must have a connection to the network, tap water, drain and the state power grid.  

Last, a generating electricity meter as well as a bidirectional electricity meter is required to measure the electricity kWh. This may vary depending on the building.

Installation Requirements

How much is the maintenance cost and how to do the maintenance?

The maintenance costs will be charged at a fixed rate every year.  There are no more hidden costs!

For maintenance, our distributors will offer a 10-year maintenance contract. This maintenance contract is necessary for the funding via KfW.

The system can be maintained remotely via a network connection. So minor faults can be quickly rectified without the need for a technician to be on site. In addition, the system must be checked every 12 months. For this purpose, the system can't work for 1-2 days and all necessary tests will be conducted.

Can fuel cell CHP system be coupled with other energy technologies?

It makes much sense to couple fuel cell system with other energy technologies. 

Depending on the building type and consumption,

1) coupled with solar PV system is a good option.

2) coupled with a heat pump for buildings with very high heat demand is also a good option. The electricity generated by the fuel cell CHP is used to power the heat pump. 

3)Some further couplings are conceivable. 

With H2ES-5 fuel cell CHP system, the natural gas prices go up but your energy costs go down! It's time to get more out of natural gas! 

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