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1MW Fuel Cell Power Plant / Hydrogen Power Generator

CarNeu series fuel cell system consumes pure hydrogen(99.97% purity) and output zero-emission electrical energy.  If heat energy is also needed, the heat management system can be customized made, too.
CarNeu-1000 fuel cell system is designed to output 1000kW power.  Under on-grid running condition, it consumes 670NM3/h pure hydrogen to output 1000KW power and 870KW heat at the same time. Under off-grid running condition, it need to consume 770NM3/h hydrogen to output 1000kW power and 1130kW heat.
It is suitable to be installed nearby chemical plants where there is enough chemical byproduct hydrogen, so there is no need to transport the hydrogen and can save the high cost of hydrogen storage. This helps chemical plants save much energy bills as well as reduce the carbon emissions. 
It is aslo suitable to be coupled with water electrolysis hydrogen production system to provide constant power and heat.
  • CarNeu-1000


CarNeu-1000 fuel cell power plant consists of 5 main modules:

stack module, hydrogen and air pre-treatment module, electric control module, cooling module and compressor module. 

1MW Fuel Cell Power Plant Composiiton

Product Features

1. Fully eco: no carbon emissions at all
2. high power efficiency: up to 46.4% under on-grid running condition
3. stable & cross-seasonal power supply: unlike the solar and wind power generator, the hydrogen fuel cell cogenerator is unaffected by time and season so it can supply constant/ uninterrupted power and heat all the year around.
4. Good low-temperature performance: unlike lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells are not affected by low temperature. It has very good low-temperature performance and can run normally all the year.

Items Parameters Remark
Model No. CarNeu-1000
Application Scenarios Industrial use
Running Condition On-grid      Off-grid
Output Voltage 10KV or custom design
Rated Output Power Watts 1000kW
Rated Output Heat Watts 870kW         1130kW
99.97% purity H 2 
as per ISO14687 standard
Fuel Consumption
670Nm3/h   770Nm3/h

Electrical Efficiency
46.4%            43.3%

Total Efficiency
94%                92%

Output Hot-water 
22T/h @60ºC
based on the water temperature difference at 30℃
Dimensions 14m*14m

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